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Temp & Humi Chamber

  • Temperature and humidity environmental test chambers are able to provide rapid product temperature change rates and use varying levels of relative humidity to locate design problems prior to shipping your products, improving product quality and reliability.
Product Description
  • The grounded circuit and NFB prevent a short circuit and over current of electricity. Fuse change is not required Equipped overheat protection sensor.
  • Accurate temperature controls by Digital PID controller(Touch screen : Option).
  • Glass wool , ceramic wool optimized for insulation and heat loss.
  • Set time /temperature function to dry and to culture.
  • Fourfold tempered safety glass windows with fluorescent light for excellent observation.
  • Transparent pot level box and humidifier box easy to clean and maintain.
  • Equipped cable hole, air exhaust port for easier and safer experiment.
01.The left side 02.The right side
Halogen lamp connector Easy to use touch type door.
03.The right side 04.The inside
The Port level box Excellent design for easy operation and after sales service.
05.The internal container 06.The bottom
Unique design of the internal container for better circulation. Specially designed bottom for better ventilation.
Spec. / Model TH-81 TH-150 TH-288 TH-81G TH-150G TH-288G
Chamber Volume 81ℓ 150ℓ 288ℓ 81ℓ 150ℓ 288ℓ
Controller System Digital PID controller
Temp Working Range -10℃~120℃ -30℃~120℃
Humi Working Range 30% ~98%
Heater Temp

1.6Kw x1ea


1.5Kw x1ea

Sensor Temp Pt 100Ω
Humi Electric sensor
Air FAN 3″x6″
Water tank 20ℓ
Size Internal
(W x D x H, mm)
450x400x450 500x500x600 600x600x800 450x400x450 500x500x600 600x600x800
(WxDxH, mm)
1100x850x1290 1150x950x1440 1250x1050x1640 1100x950x1290 1150x950x1440 1250x1050x1640
Safety ELB(Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)


Internal Stainless steel #304
External Steel, Powder coating

Shelves(WxD, mm)

Stainless Steel Wire Electro-Polished
Insulation Urethane foam
Door Packing High Temp, Ceramic Rubber
Electric Requirements 220VAC 50 or 60Hz
Controller Touch Screen
Recoder Recoder (Touch type)
Recoder (Paper type)
-50℃~120℃ TH-81U

temp-humi-chamber-_air-flow temp_humi-structure

Temp & Humi Range



Temp & Humi Chamber Dimension

If you turn clockwise

The wheel lock is released.

If you turn it counterclockwise

The wheels are fixed.

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