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Muffle furnace

  • This product is used for various purposes such as the development of new materials, superconducting materials experiment, ceramic sintering, heat treatment, melting of the glass, melting the metal and casting molding.
Product Description
  • Fuzzy function to prevent overheat.
  • Accurate temperature controls by Digital PID controller.
  • Controller select time scale (99 mininute 59 second, 99 hour 59 minute, 99 day 23 hour)
  • In case of temperature sensor disconnection, error message appear.
  • Alarm rings when timer end.
  • In case of difference between real temperature and appeared temperature, user can adjust correctly.
  • When controller setting value is changed by the mistake of operation, save and recall function can restore it early.
  • High temperature test up to 1000C
  • High performance heat insulation by the molded ceramic block and quick reach to high temp.
  • Air vent port is installed between the ceramic fiber heat shield and furnace exterior case and it prevents exterior heating.
  • Insulation support to prevent internal pollution and damage.
01.Handle easy to use 02.Airtight door with damper
The door easy to open. Soft operating airtight damper equipped door to avoid shake of the test samples.
03.Ceramic fiber 04.Up graded air ventilation
Light and excellent insulation ceramic fiber. Air ventilation port between muffle furnace and exterior case prevents exterior heating.
Spec. / Model MF-03 MF-05 MF-12 MF-14
Volume 3ℓ 4.5ℓ 12ℓ 14ℓ
Temp Range Max 1200℃ (Max working range 1000℃)
Controller Digital PID controller
Size Internal

(W x D x H, mm)

130x250x90 150x300x100 200x300x200 250x350x160

(W x D x H, mm)

410x485x510 420x535x520 470x530x630 520x580x580
Safety Electrical ELB(Earth Leakage circuit breaker)
Material Internal Molded ceramic block
External Steel, Powder coating
Heater Kanthal
Insulation Ceramic fiber
Electric Requirements 220VAC, 60Hz
Power Consumption 1800W 2600W 4400W 4600W





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