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Fume Hood

  • Exhaust system equipment is an essential equipment to secure the safety of the researchers as well as the laboratory from the harmful substances and contaminated gas which are emitted during the research process.
Product Description
  • Upper and lower separable and designed for the height of workers waist.
  • Water supply available by adjust valve.
  • 110V, 220V socket available for the convenience to use outside device.
  • Various utility valve
  • Tempered glass for the protection of tester.
01.Handle 02.Line
No item Various connection line
03.Water supply line 04.Socket installed
Adjustable water level(STS #304) 110V,220Vsocket installed
05.Valve 06.No item
Embedded valve for maximum utilization
Spec. / Model FH-120 FH-150 FH-180
Material External Steel, Powder coating
Internal Stainless steel #304
Work top Ceramite board
Windows Safety glass 5t
Work area(WxD, mm) 1030×650 1330×650 1630×650
Dimension(WxDxH,mm) 1200x800x2300 1500x800x2300 1800x800x2300
Face Velocity 0.25~0.5 m/sec
Illuminator Semi Vapor proof
Utility Device Air, N2, Water cock & 110/220V receptacle
Electric Requirements 220VAC 50/60Hz
Weight (kg) 270 320 370


Air flow

Fume Hood_By Pass Air

Fume Hood_Air flow


Fume Hood Dimension

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