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Hanyang Science Lab Co., Ltd.

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Digital Colony Counter

  • After cultivating of bacteria such as colon bacilli, it counts the number of bacteria. It is very useful lab equipment with a microscope for physiological research, hospital clinical diagnosis..
Product Description
  • By using of button and a marking pen, 2 counter mode are possible.
  • This unit main power is 220V.
  • Easy to read 4 digits LED digital display
  • Buzzer sounds every counting.
  • A marking pen is usable for user s convenience.
  • Wider view of 125 mm wide lens.
  • Bacteria can be counted by picking with stainless needle point pen.
01.125mm magnifier 02.Easy to use rotatable pad
Wider view of the magnifier. Up and down left and right rotatable pad.
03.Supplement 04.Stainless needle point probe.
Accessories such as 100mm dish holder, marking pen, are Included. Direct marking and easy counting to the specimen.
Standard accessories
Magnifier 5” 1ea Stainless Needle point pen 1ea
Power cord 1ea Making pen probe 1ea
100mm Dish holder 1ea
Spec. / Model HYC-560
Display type 4 Digital LED Display
Petri dish holder Accepts 100mm dish (removable)

150mm (fixed)

Zero reset button Yes
Illumination Fluorescent lamp


Mode of Counting Manual push button counting

Needle-point probing

Marking pen probing

Electric Requirements 220VAC. 50/60Hz
Standard accessories
Magnifier 5″ 1ea
Stainless Needle point pen 1ea
Making pen probe 1ea
Power cord 1ea

Colony Counter Structure


Digital Colony Counter Dimension

Digital Colony Counter


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