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Clean Bench

  • Ideally suited to germ free environment, very useful for culture room. Various applications for medical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, advanced materials, and electronics industry, etc.
Product Description
  • Efficient up to 99.97% at 0.3 um with Hepa filters.
  • Easily notice the replacement timing of the HEPA filter
  • Compact switch type control panel.
  • Flow can be adjusted by two stages, strong /weak.
  • Clear glass window for easy view into the work zone.
  • Louver for internal light is SUS#304 and not changed by light though used long times.
  • UV lamp operation can easily be notified.
  • Safe workbench with vertical laminar airflow.
01.Louver 02.Manometer
Punched louver for efficient circulation and easy to maintain. Easily notice the replacement timing of the HEPA filter.
03.Air cock 04.Valve
Easy to use air cock installed. Specially designed valve prevents the hoses from coming off.
Spec. / Model CB-100 CB-130 CB-160
Type Vertical flow / Horizontal Flow / Bio type
Working area

(WxDxH, mm)

900x630x630 1330×650 1630×650
External size

(WxDxH, mm)

1000x830x1830 1300x830x1830 1600x830x1830
Main filter HEPA filter / 0.3㎛ particle 99.97%
Prefilter High efficiency nylon filter
Purity Class 100
Air velocity 0.3 ~ 0.5 m/sec, adjustable type
Air flow meter Analog manometer
Illumination 20W FL x 2ea 40W FL x 2ea 40W FL x 2ea
Sterilizing 20W UV x 2ea 40W UV x 1ea

20W UV x 1ea

40W UV x 1ea

20W UV x 1ea

Utility Two consent
Blower 1ea 1ea 1ea

Clean Bench inside


Info_Clean bench_eng_1Info_Clean bench_eng_2

Technical information

Tech_Clean bench_1Tech_Clean bench_2Tech_Clean bench_2_1Tech_Clean bench_3


Clean Bench Classcification


Clean Bench Dimension

Designed to fit anywhere

Always reliable

Constant fan speed

For ease of use

For an aseptic work environment

Infrared (UV) lamp

Manometer used to check

Replacement cycle of HEPA filter

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