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Cirulator Oil Bath

  • This product is used as the general and basic laboratory equipment such as industrial and Biotechnology field.
Product Description

Circulator Oil Bath is generally used for basic laboratory equipments for biotech and industrial fields. For test reliability and ease of use, this products has following characteristics;

  • Ground connection prevents short circuit or overcurrent.
  • Imbedded anti-superheating sensor prevents overheating .
  • Temperature and heating time can be preset.
  • Multi-rack uniquely designed by HYSC is removable.
  • When using oil, max working temperature is 200℃.
  • Imbedded heater cover prevents breakage of heater due to negligent use.
Spec. / Model COB-7 COB-12 COB-25
Type Circulator Oil Bath
Controller Digital PID Controller
Range Max 200℃
Display LED 4 Digital Display
Temp Accuracy ±0.2℃
Size Internal
(W x D x H, mm)
300x160x150 330x220x170 400x350x180
Circulator Pump Circulator Pump
Safety Over temp limiter.
Material Internal STS #304, Stainless steel
External Steel, Powder coating
Electric Requirements 220VAC 50Hz or 60Hz
Heater 1500W 2000W 3000W



Circulator Oil Bath_Dimension

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