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Autoclave 60L

  • This product has a various applications such as sterilizing culture medium, glassware, metal instruments, and disposables.
Product Description
  • Fuzzy function to prevent overheat.
  • Accurate temperature controls by Digital PID controller.
  • Set time /temperature function
  • In case of temperature sensor disconnection, error message appear.
  • Alarm rings when timer end.
  • In case of difference between real temperature and appeared temperature, user can adjust correctly.
  • When controller setting value is changed by the mistake of operation, save and recall function can restore it early.
  • After setting the temperature and time, just press the start button, then the automatic process occurs. The air inside is discharged.
  • Sterilizing temperature is reached , after sterilizing period. The steam and air pressure are eliminated. And the buzzer sounds at the end.
  • Stable standing during opening and closing the cover by use of the parking casters.
  • Steam exit and valve placed in buried area not to expose outside.
  • STS #304 used in inside chamber for durability.
  • For user safety , auto and manual safety valve installed.
  • STS #304 used in inside chamber for durability.
  • Circuit breaker for electrical safety
01.Buried valve 02.Manual safety valve
Compact designed powercable, safety pin, auto valve, and manual valve for the maximum utilization. Easy to operate, indirect ling,safe from hot steam.
03.Silicone packing 04.Wired basket
Ultra performance Silicone packing. Wired basket with excellent thermal conductivity
05.Parking casters 06.Inside
Easy moving and stable standing with the parking casters Compact inside container.
Spec. / Model AC-60
Capacity 60ℓ
Temp Range Max 125 ° C
Controller Digital PID Controller
Sensor Pt100
Pressure 1.5kg /㎤
Outsize(WxDxH,mm) 505x605x1230
Material External Steel, Powder coating
Basket Stainless steel Wire Mesh type 2ea
Electric Requirements 220VAC, 50/60Hz
WATT 2600W

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Autoclave Operation

How to Autocalve operation.

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