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Autoclave 100L

  • This product has a various applications such as sterilizing culture medium, glassware, metal instruments, and disposables. .
Product Description
  • Fuzzy function to prevent overheat.
  • Accurate temperature controls by Digital PID controller.
  • Set time /temperature function
  • In case of temperature sensor disconnection, error message appear.
  • Alarm rings when timer end.
  • In case of difference between real temperature and appeared temperature, user can adjust correctly.
  • When controller setting value is changed by the mistake of operation, save and recall function can restore it early.
  • After setting the temperature and time, just press the start button, then the automatic process occurs. The air inside is discharged.
  • Sterilizing temperature is reached , after sterilizing period. The steam and air pressure are eliminated. And the buzzer sounds at the end.
  • Stable standing during opening and closing the cover by use of the parking casters.
  • Steam exit and valve placed in buried area not to expose outside.
  • STS #304 used in inside chamber for durability.
  • For user safety , auto and manual safety valve installed.
  • User can adjust temperature not to raise up certain degree from installed temperature.
  • Threefold tempered safety glass windows for excellent insulation and easy observation
  • Buffering device to enhance door adherence for insulation.
  • Upper vent to emit moist and gas of samples after evaporation.
  • STS #304 used in inside chamber for durability.
  • Circuit breaker for electrical safety
01.Easy handle 02.Door bumper
Easy handling of heavy weight door. Protect the damage of instrument
03.Basket for large amount
Basket for large amount
Spec. / Model AC-100
Capacity 80ℓ
Temp Range Max 125 ° C
Controller Digital PID Controller
Sensor Pt100
Pressure 1.5kg /㎤
Outsize(WxDxH,mm) 600x710x1130
Material External Steel, Powder coating
Basket Stainless steel Wire Mesh type 2ea
Electric Requirements 220VAC, 50/60Hz
WATT 4400W





Autoclave Dimension

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