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What`s INNOBIZ ?

This is a compound word of Innovation and Business literally.
It refers to “technical innovation company” which has strong competitiveness based on superiority of technology innovation.
It is the group of enterprises with “technology innovation” which government authenticate.
it is a feature to think highly of emphasis on the future growth than past performance.
Because of standard of selection based on “technology competitiveness and internal stability” by research and development (R&D)

Many countries such as United States, Germany, OECD developed countries think of venture company as the core of the national competitiveness.
Because new paradigm has emerged as a big issue which raises competitiveness between company and country through technology innovation all over the world.
Goverment has been offerring the full support From early 1995 years.
It is considered objective and standard criterion based on the evaluation model of “Oslo manual” measuring the competitiveness among the countries.

Mainbiz certi

What`s MAINBIZ ?

Mainbiz refers to “Management innovation type of Small and Medium business” certified by “Small and medium Business administration” as a compound word of Management, Innovation and Business literally.

Mainbiz is the system introduced on the basis of “Article 15, paragraph 2 of the Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Act” to foster “Management Innovation Small and Medoum Business” in the field of Non-Technology such as marketing and organizational innovation instead of technology innovation focused on product and process emphasis.

ISO 9001 certi

ISO 14001 certi

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